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We Know What We Do

And here's why: We have been serving our clients since 2012 and have vast experience collecting, monitoring, translating, summarizing, and analyzing all forms of media. We are a specialist organization that has evolved with the changing media trends in Pakistan.

We specialize in all media types: Traditional print and satellite mediums, modern social and digital platforms, and formal and informal channels and publications. Please spare 89 seconds, and watch this short animation for a quick introduction. Also, signup to experience our online "The Media Grid," or TMG, media monitoring system that covers Pakistan through 43 categories daily.

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We Do Better!

Not only because we are experienced but also because we are efficient, responsive, and deliver responsible and clean work. Having equipment for media monitoring is pointless unless the team is efficient, which we have.

We serve you with the breadth and depth of coverage in all media and all languages with the efficiency that will match and probably exceed your expectations. We are capable of producing routine media monitoring and the customizable solutions that you require.

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